I'm always open to new projects and opportunities, so if you've got that great idea and you're looking for someone to help you, let's get in touch and see what we can do together.

If you are looking to hire me for a custom project, please email me with the outline of your project. I will get back to you with further questions and potentially a quote for the project.

The Legal Stuff

Please note that I am not a registered entity in the commerical trade due to the nature of my business, however I operate and exist as a sole proprietorship within Switzerland. As a client of mine, your data is protected under the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (DPA) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Your data is never shared with any third parties without your explicit consent, and is only used for billing and administrative purposes.

All payments are handled via my payment processor, Stripe. I do not accept any other forms of payment such as Bank Transfer or PayPal directly. Your payment information is never saved nor visible to me at any time. Please refer to Stripe's Privacy Policy for more details.

Further legalities and policies will be provided to you within the initial onboarding contract and agreement. Upon payment, this confirms your acceptance of the terms and conditions of the contract.

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