New clients welcome from February 2024 onwards

Hi, I'm Toby Royal

Freelance Software Engineer based in Switzerland.

Over five years of experience in developing unique software and websites for a variety of different industries. I believe I've got the right skills and mindset to help you with your next project.

About Me

I'm Toby, a freelance software engineer, designer and full-time IT Support Specialist based in Switzerland. I've been developing all sorts of different apps and websites for the past five years, creating all sorts of unique applications in all types of industries such as education, aviation, social media, theatre production, IT and network security, payment processing platforms and more.

I'm actively interested in programming for a better future, if that be simplifying workflows for myself and/or others to simply curating platforms that allows everyone to grow, learn and showcase themselves in an internet-centric world. I'm a firm believer that AI is most definitely the way forward and that tools and companies should adapt and grow with them, not let them stand by as it has proven to be helpful in every day tasks, including increasing productivity.

Working with a variety of different languages and frameworks, such as: NodeJS, Electron, Vue, Python, and bash. There's also a large amount of experience when it comes to databases, hosting / server management and deployment, plus domain/DNS, SSL and Google Workspace / Microsoft 365 management.

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